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"Oftentimes, rough drafts, study models, scratch paper, experiments and sketches are regarded as mere waste just as the material production remnants and excess footage from the final production are. Similarly, I began making irrigation tube sculptures in 2016 using remnant materials from my own greywater irrigation projects with hopes to broaden dialogue and consciousness around drought and water resilience. Sculpture quickly became an effective means to explore my own fascination with geometry, digital fabrication, and rapid prototyping while finding new applications for so-called waste materials. It required constant iteration, storage space and with no galleries like FJM at the time, I would simply suspend works from trees, lamp posts, and throughout the built environment.


Remainders is a rotating and ongoing collection of small pieces that is meant to re-examine how integral small scale works and iterations are to broader creative practices and to scientific research. The term Remainders recognizes this importance, the need for expanding the cultural overlap between art and science, and ultimately that remainders are inextricable from the answers and questions we pose.


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