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Crystal Ruiz is an Artist and Educator based in Sacramento, California.

Her practice has evolved to include large-scale sculptures and paintings that range in materials. Some of the mediums she is exploring are acrylic paints, watercolors, fabrics, stitching string, and organic materials, such as twigs.

With a bachelor's degree in Art Education at CSU Sacramento, Ruiz has worked as an educator and coordinator for the Crocker Art Museum (2016-2021). During her time at the Museum, she aimed to promote awareness for the arts through creative projects and programs.  

Ruiz is the lead educator for the Any Given Child - Sacramento, a program developed by The Kenedy Center and administered by the Office of Arts & Culture of Sacramento. 

In 2020, Ruiz participated in the Sacramento Healthy Hearts and Mind program offered through the Office of Arts & Culture of Sacramento as an artist in residence. She also has worked alongside Twin Rivers Unified (TWUSD), Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE), and her community mentor, Roberts Family Development Center (RFDC) to deliver virtual services to students with surfacing social-emotional issues from identified school sites. 

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